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New Pedestal Basins Showcased At Three Balls Red Evening Event

Table of Contents

The Three Balls Red Event

On March 14th, Three Balls Red hosted an intimate industry evening at the Bundall showroom, celebrating their partnership with Lo & Co.

Including The Basin Lab, many other innovative business owners, designers, and manufacturers were present to celebrate and showcase.

We created two prototype Column Pedestal Basins for this event, one in Antique from our Pearl Collection and the other being multi-coloured, these included Frost and Graphite from our Powder and Nature Collection, in collaboration with Nikki Hogan, an interior designer who decisively made the colour combination choices.

Footage of the new Column Pedestal Basin at Three Balls Red

The Basin Lab’s Pedestal Basins: Behind The Creative Process

Our basin range has expanded with the addition of the Plaza, Stadium, and Pill Series plus three more Coliseum basin sizes. Our focus is now on the Column Pedestal Basins.

With The Basin Lab’s Pedestal Basins, you can Infuse your bathroom design with a soothing aura from a pillar of light, reminiscent of a lighthouse, combined with the multi-coloured functionality to ensure your bathroom reflects your desired atmosphere.

We currently plan to release three column sizes measuring 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm in diameter. We are also offering two basin variations, a semi-inset 400mm funnel basin or our regular coliseum shape (330mm, 360mm).

The Column Pedestal Basin has 2 separate parts, which allows for multi-colouring, no longer limited to one colour. Get creative with colour Psychology and design a personalised colour selection that suits your style and complements your bathroom.

In collaboration with Nikki Hogan Interior Design

To showcase our Column Pedestal Basin prototypes, we wanted to ensure that the colours were expressive and would show the full capabilities that this Pedestal Series can offer.

We collaborated with Nikki Hogan, a dynamic Interior Designer who selected a magnificent array of colours to demonstrate the full extent of our pedestal basins. Here are her thoughts on our latest innovation and the process behind her colour choices.

I’m proud to collaborate with The Basin Lab in launching these distinctive Column Pedestal Basins, what I love about their innovation is the ability to mix colour through the different components of each design.

To showcase this I have chosen the Column Structure to be Graphite from their Nature Collection, and for the shroud and basin I selected Frost from their Powder Collection. This combination of hues ensures a timeless look, like nature itself, foundational colours that ground you with security, but a sense of calmness and serenity, delivering a luxurious glow that soothes the soul.

Nikki Hogan Interior Design

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