Using Colour Psychology To Create Harmonious Bathroom Spaces

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What Is Colour Psychology?

Bathrooms and Bathware, often overlooked in their design potential, hold immense opportunities for enhancing daily routines and cultivating a healthy mind.

Colour psychology delves into how different colours impacts moods and decision-making processes. Implementing colour psychology creates a bathroom that caters to specific emotional needs and can improve your day-to-day life.

For instance, muted tones like soft blues reminiscent of clear skies or oceans can impart a soothing, spacious and stress-relieving effect, ideal for fostering relaxation in the space.

Custom Colour Ghost Blue Basin - Powder Collection
The Basin Lab’s Ghost Blue Basin – Carmel Springs Project

When exploring colour psychology in bathrooms, especially in tandem with bathware, your combination of colours and their dominance in the space should harmonise with your desired atmosphere or the atmosphere of others, like kids, a perfect way to help them unwind before bed.

Whether aiming for a relaxing spa-like retreat, a lively space, or a mix of the two, colour psychology creates bathrooms that go beyond a functional space, becoming sanctuaries that nurture your well-being and enhance your day.

The Significance Of Colour Psychology In Your Bathroom

Different colours have the power to evoke specific feelings and emotions, making them a powerful tool in interior design.

The bathroom serves as the backdrop for the beginning and end of our daily rituals. It’s A sacred space to retreat and experience peace of mind, rejuvenating your body and soul.

From the morning routine that invigorates and prepares us for the day ahead to the evening or night routine that washes away the day’s stresses and calms the mind for optimal rest, the bathroom is always there to set our mindset for the daily adventures ahead.

It’s more than just a space designed for basic hygiene; it’s the canvas upon which your day is painted.

The bathroom is the perfect environment for parents to help their kids relax after a long day. The transition from the bustling energy of playtime to the calm winding down of bedtime can be a tricky and laborious process, but by incorporating soothing colours, gentle dim lighting, and comforting elements, the bathroom can become a space that helps children settle into a more tranquil state, making kids feel comforted and ready to embrace a restful night’s sleep.

So, from the refreshing greens to the invigorating oranges, Colours enhance our senses, shifting how we feel, act and behave. Choosing the right colours for your bathroom involves more than just aesthetic preferences; it’s about curating an environment that fosters a positive and energising start to your day and a soothing conclusion to your night.

A great bathroom should enhance your lifestyle. That’s why it’s essential to understand the importance of colour psychology in your bathroom and choose the right colours that complement the mood and atmosphere best suited to you.

How To Create A Personalised Oasis With Colour Psychology

Warm And Cool Colours

In colour psychology, colours can be categorised into their perceived warmth or coolness.

Warm colours are associated with energy, vibrancy, excitement, and a welcoming feeling.

These include shades of red, orange, and yellow. Warm colours can create a lively and vibrant atmosphere, but use them in moderation because too many warm colours dominating the space can overwhelm the viewer and may even cause a sense of chaos.

On the other hand, cool colours are known for their calming and roomy effects. They are perfect for small spaces, creating a serene and peaceful vibe in your bathroom.

Cool colours include shades of blue, green, and purple. But unlike warm colours, you can use these more generously without creating an unappealing or overwhelming space. However, too many cool colours can make the bathroom dull and lifeless.

In simple terms:
Warm colours = high energy emotions (excitement, warmth, friendliness)
Cool colours = low energy emotions (relaxation, harmony, luxury)

Additionally, blacks, whites, and greys are neutral colours that can be warm or cool depending on the undertone. These colours have a typical timeless look and can be used bountifully in any bathroom without dominating the space.

The interplay of warm, cool and neutral colours contributes to the overall atmosphere of your bathroom.

The Emotions Behind Each Colour

The Psychology of Colours
The Psychology of Colours. Source: Pinterest

Creating Intimacy in the Bathroom with Red

In the bathroom, you might seek an intimate mood-setting atmosphere. Red, often associated with passion and love, can turn your bathroom into a romantic haven. Red evokes a sense of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. It Wakes you up and rejuvenates you.

  • Romance and Love
  • Passion and Intimacy
  • Excitement and Energy
Eclipse Basin – Nature Collection

Orange For Warmth and Comfort

Orange conveys warmth and comfort, like watching a beautiful sunset or being near a burning campfire. It’s a stimulating colour but not as overwhelming as red or yellow, making it a great choice for spaces that want to evoke a cozy, creative and enthusiastic environment.

  • Warm, Comfy and Cozy
  • Creativity and Enthusiasm
Copper Basin – Pearl Collection

Yellow, For A Bright and Playful Space

Perfect for starting a day on an energetic note, yellow is a lively and friendly colour that brings new energy and excitement to your home. It is bright and approachable, associated with feelings of happiness, playfulness, joy, and positivity. You can create a welcoming and social atmosphere in your bathroom using yellow.

  • Playfulness and Joy
  • Energy and Excitement
  • Happiness and Positivity
  • Friendly, Welcoming and Sociable
Lemon Basin – Powder Collection

Green: Harmony and Refreshment

Green represents harmony and balance. It can create a soothing and refreshing space. Green also symbolises nature and growth, evoking a feeling of connection with the earth and a desire to grow personally. Green is linked to feelings of refreshment and renewal, promoting vitality. It creates a sense of calm and equilibrium. Green also evokes feelings of peace and tranquillity. This colour is often used in interior design to create relaxing environments that elicit a feeling of being with nature.

  • Harmony and Balance
  • Growth and Rejuvenation
  • Connection
  • Refreshment and Renewal
  • Vitality and Tranquillity
Rainforest Basin – Nature Collection

Blue: Calmness and Freedom in Your Bathroom

Blue is a calming and serene colour used in bathrooms to create a sense of freedom and space because of its association with the sky and ocean. Blue can make smaller bathrooms feel more open and expansive. This colour helps with adding peace and mindfulness to our busy lives.

  • Calming and Serene
  • Soothing and stress-relieving
  • Free and Spacious
  • Mindfulness and peacefulness
Ocean Basin – Nature Collection

Purple: Luxury and Individuality

Purple is associated with royalty, a colour that brings sophistication and individuality to any space. Introducing a touch of purple to your bathroom creates a sense of luxury and distinctiveness because of its less common presence in nature. It’s also linked with power and wealth because monarchs and leaders often wore purple. Lighter shades of purple, such as lavender, can soothe and calm, making them perfect for environments that want wellness and relaxation with a touch of luxury.

  • Luxury and Sophistication
  • Distinctiveness and Individuality
  • Wellness and relaxation
Purplerain Basin – Liquid Collection

Pink: Femininity and Uplifting Vibes

Pink is a feminine and uplifting colour, similar to but less intense than red, conveying a sense of affection and sweetness. Pink is traditionally associated with femininity and is often used to represent qualities such as gentleness, compassion, youthfulness and tenderness. Pink evokes emotions like romance, playfulness and optimism.

  • Romance and affection
  • Gentleness and Compassion
  • Youthfulness and Femininity
Soft Pink Basin – Powder Collection

Brown: An Organic and Tradition Colour

Brown is often associated with the earth, soil, and natural elements like timber. It can make you feel grounded and connected to nature. It’s a warm colour that can make you feel cozy and comfortable, used in interior design to create organic and inviting spaces. Brown is traditional and timeless, a classic colour that conveys a sense of history and a natural feel.

  • Timeless and Traditional
  • History and Earthy
  • Natural and Organic
  • Cozy and Comfortable
Toffee Basin – Powder Collection

Grey for Sophistication and neutrality

Grey is a versatile colour that creates a calm and understated atmosphere. It’s often associated with sophistication and is an overall timeless look. Grey is a classic and safe colour choice that can convey a sense of formality. It’s a neutral and balanced colour that’s popular in interior design.

  • Calm and Classic
  • Formal and Balanced
  • Sophisticated and timeless
Dapple Basin – Powder Collection

Black: Formality and Elegance

Black is a versatile colour associated with power and authority. Black resembles elegance, sophistication and formality. It can make a bold statement to your bathroom.

  • Bold and Formal
  • Timeless
  • Power and Authority
Black Pearl Basin – Liquid Collection

White: Purity and Tranquility

White is a versatile colour often associated with purity and innocence. It’s popular and can complement practically any other colour. White is also linked to clarity and openness, creating a sense of space and light that makes bathrooms feel spacious and inviting. Additionally, white can evoke a feeling of peace and tranquillity, making it a common choice for spaces that want a calm and serene atmosphere.

  • Purity and Innocence
  • Spacious and Inviting
  • Peace and Tranquillity
  • Timeless and Elegant
Antique Basin – Pearl Collection

Remember to consider the size of your bathroom, the amount of natural light, and your preferences when choosing colour combinations. Additionally, you can play with different shades and tones within each colour to customise the look according to your taste.

Evoke Your Bathroom’s Desired Atmosphere With Complimenting Bathware

With the addition of the right bathware that has suitable and complimenting colours, even a bland space that predominantly uses neutrals like black, grey, white and beige can still transform into an oasis with your desired atmosphere.

The Basin Lab Powder Blue Basin - Powder Collection

The Basin Lab’s variety of expressive bathware and endless choices of colour will help you achieve your dream bathroom.

They have a wide range of Basins in four distinctive Collections and an alluring selection of 29 Standard Colours, practically guaranteed to find the perfect match for any bathroom environment.

Even if nothing suits your needs or you have a specific colour in mind, The Basin Lab offers the option to get your own Custom Coloured Basin. This personalised touch ensures that your bathroom reflects your personality and desired atmosphere.

To add an extra layer of ambience to your bathroom, The Basin Lab offers the option to light up their Basins with an exclusive accessory called the iLLUMi Lightbox.

The significance of lighting in shaping the atmosphere and enhancing the mood of your bathroom cannot be overstated. Beyond its practical function, lighting plays a pivotal role in creating an intimate,  calming, or energetic look and feel to your private sanctuary.

This Basin Lightbox emits a soft glow from their Basins, creating a unique and relaxing atmosphere, an unparalleled standard for mood setting. No need to buy scented candles that emit toxic fumes, The Basin Lab’s Lightbox is a perfect addition to the bathroom, especially when you want to unwind after a long, demanding day. Simply flick all your lights off except for the Basin Lightbox as the warm glow dimly lights up your bathroom, instantly giving peace to the mind and making you feel at home.

Complementing their beautiful Basins, they offer Halo Mirrors that can glow the same colour as their Basins. The matching of the Basin and Mirror creates an immersive experience, harmonising the elements of your space.

The synchronised glow between the Basin and Mirror elevates your bathroom experience to a whole new level, becoming a place that will surpass your expectations morning and night!

The Basin Lab Toffee Basin - Powder Collection with matching Toffee Mirror - Round Shape


Delving into colour psychology and its impact on bathroom design reveals that our day-to-day moods and feelings heavily connect to the spaces we inhabit. Bathrooms, often underestimated in their potential, emerge as canvases waiting to be adorned with hues that resonate with our emotions.

Colour psychology is a language that communicates with our senses. From the invigorating energy of warm tones to the calming embrace of cool hues, each colour holds the key to a distinct emotional response. Understanding this allows you to curate an environment tailored to your emotional needs, setting the exciting tone for the day’s beginning and its peaceful conclusion for the night.

To end this off, keep this in mind.

A great bathroom should not just be a functional space but an expression of your style, a reflection of your desired mood, and a haven that nurtures your well-being.