Our Story


Designer – Craftsman – Owner
Steve Nicholls

With an extensive and successful career as a Bespoke builder, Steve was looking for a challenge that would reinvigorate his passion as a creative designer. He began to experiment with different forms of resin, infusing the medium with timber, creating handcrafted furniture, murals and architectural features – including bathroom vanities. Inspired to create a complimentary basin to match the timber and resin infused vanity tops Steve set about creating his first vessel basin and before long The Basin Lab was founded.

Two years of research and development allowed us to develop our own unique low VOC material we call Oxyform™ and our own unique custom colouring system. We can custom design any colour on the spectrum and colour match tiles etc.

The Team

Roxanne Melloway brings a business management background in the creative industries of fashion and film along with a passion for interior design, functional art pieces and abstract art.

Cole Nicholls is our devoted digital marketing creator producing our online images stories and videos.