Column Pedestal Basin Technical Information

Specification Sheets

Pedestal Installation Guide

Column Pedestal Basin installation must be installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with local regulations.

  • Remove all products from packaging
  • Check the product for damage; if the product is damaged return to your place at purchase.
  • Check the product is complete with all components required to install
  • The product is to be installed as per Australian standard or local authority requirements.

Installation Instructions

  1. Select position of the Pedestal Basin
  2. Unpack column
  3. Base of column has 3 fixing points
  4. Remove fixing card template
  5. Position template on floor and mark fixing points (position card with back arrow à facing where the back of the pedestal position will be)
  6. Mark 3 fixing points and lightly mark around base of template
  7. Drill 3 x 8mm fixing holes
  8. Tap into hole 3 x plastic plugs
  9. Position column of pedestal to make sure holes line up
  10. We recommend the 40mm waste pipe extends up approximately 500mm with sleeve glued in place
  11. Silicone position of template, silicone will act as a glue to help brace and hold the pedestal in place
  12. Position pedestal column over fixing holes and on top of silicone, Screw into position
  13. Check for level and plumb of column, adjust with packers if necessary
  14. Unpack lightbox and connect wires (24V low voltage transformer required, not supplied) must be connected by an electrician or you will void your warranty
  15. Test lightbox is working
  16. Sit lightbox into recessed cut into the top of the column, the light should be flush with the top of the column
  17. Fit waste to trap, we recommend the Universal Plug & Waste 32/40mm from ADP (comes in 6 different colours and finishes)
  18. Measure 40mm waste pipe from trap to sleeve on 40mm floor waste pipe
  19. Glue 40mm waste pipe and trap into 40mm sleeve of floor waste pipe (make sure trap is pointing front to back of the pedestal, this stops shadows being visible when light is turned on)
  20. Fit lightbox into recessed at the top of the column, waste pipes should not be touching lightbox
  21. Lay a small bead of silicone between the lightbox external edge and the pedestal column, this will act as a glue to fix down the basin
  22. Position basin in centre of column, screw basin waste neck (part B) of universal plug & waste to thread connector (part E) to seal and secure basin in place

Note: to remove wet silicone from basin waste, use a mixture of liquid and water

Cleaning & Maintenance: ​

Proper care of your quality bathroom products should ensure many years of trouble-free operation. Surfaces should be regularly cleaned with a damp soft cloth or sponge.  Mild liquid detergent or soap can also be used for stubborn dirt if necessary.



Use of certain products may cause irreparable damage to the products and must be avoided.

Do not use cleaning agents containing acid, bleach, ammonia or scouring agents such as cream cleaners; and do not use abrasive scouring pads.

Basins should be sealed around all edges with a quality silicone sealant to ensure water cannot get behind under the basin. Your failure to comply with any of the instructions contained within the specific product installation details or this document will void the relevant warranty.