iLLUMi Halo Mirror Technical Information

Specification Sheets


The iLLUMi™ electrical system is 24 Volts (Low Voltage). You simply have your electrician connect it to a transformer, we recommend, IP67 – 30Watt – dimmable – DC – to suit AS/NZS 60598.1 and AS/NZ 60598.2.1, electrician can wire it to a light switch or movement sensor, allowing operation from there.

Installation Instructions

  1. We recommend setting the top of your mirror at a height of 1950mm from the floor.
  2. We recommend an electrician wire in your mirror (see information section above for information about the electrical system)

Motion Sensor

You also have the option of having your electrician install a Movement Sensor
into the light switch allowing the basin to turn on and off with
movement, essentially turning your basin into a night light.

Always ask your electrician for their opinion.

Cleaning & Maintenance


  • Please clean mirror surface with a mixture of 30% isopropyl alcohol and 70% water and use a soft micro-fibre cloth/chamois.
  • Dry off the mirror edges.
  • Do not spray any cleaning product or chemical cleaner on the back of the mirror, it will damage the reflective coating.

Oxyform lighting shroud on mirror

  • Use a soft micro-fibre cloth and warm water OR rub Olive Oil on a soft cloth and apply to the Oxyform Coloured shroud, rub off immediately, this will rejuvenate any Oxyform resin product.

Do not use any abrasive, acid or alkaline-based cleaners. Avoid sharp objects and keep heat and hot objects away from all surfaces.