The Basin Lab - Oxyform™ Material description

Oxyform™: where innovation, design & sustainability meet

Our bathware products are made from Oxyform™, a unique, low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) resin composition with a micro environmental footprint.

The result is an environmentally friendly, lightweight, durable product with a lustrous finish.

How are Oxyform™ bathware products made?

All of The Basin Lab’s products are handmade by master craftsman Steve Nicholls and his craftmen in our Burleigh Heads studio on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Oxyform™ is a super durable, chip resistant and anti bacterial product.

Oxyform™ cures when exposed to oxygen, this means no electricity, water or additional chemicals are required in our manufacturing process.

Each bathware product is sculpted specific to measurement, leaving no wastage after each  piece is hand crafted.

Once cured, our products are hand polished to achieve the various design finishes available in our collections.

How are Oxyform™ products maintained?

Our products are non porous, therefore anti-bacterial and can be easily cleaned using soapy water, therefore no harsh chemicals getting washed down the drain. The Basin Lab’s products are long lasting, durable with no waxing, polishing or sealants required. Our basins and baths come with a ten year structural warranty.

Our commitment to sustainability

We care deeply about our environment. We limit the impact of our production processes in every way possible, and strive to limit the ongoing environmental impact of our basins by producing a super durable, low-maintenance product that will last a lifetime.

Handcrafted with care, not a drop of our Oxyform™ is spared or wasted in the creation of The Basin Lab products.

We take responsibility for our environmental footprint from the moment a basin is created to the moment it leaves for its new home.

For more information please see our Sustainability Statement.