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Carmel Springs Project

Table of Contents

The Project

Step into the development of Carmel Springs, a stylish Palm Springs-inspired dual-villa project nestled in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast, Australia. Each villa has three bathrooms and each bathroom is adorned with The Basin Lab’s bespoke Custom-Coloured Basins and exclusive iLLUMi™ Lightboxes, illuminating the spaces with a soft coloured glow straight from the Basin!

Architecturally designed by Jayson Pate Designs in collaboration with the talented Nathalie Hailey Interiors. Nathalie wanted to elevate this project with distinctive bathware that seamlessly blended with Carmel’s desired style. Setting their eyes upon The Basin Lab, Nathalie integrated several of their Custom-Coloured Basins to match her feature tile selections along with the world’s first Basin Lightboxes to radiate the space and enhance the allure.

Carmel Springs was sold for a record price by the talented team at Kollosche.

Carmels Custom-Coloured Basins

For The Basin Lab, the art of producing custom colours is their forte, with the ability to match any colour in the spectrum. Whether it’s paint, tiles or branding colours, it can be done in any of their four Collections, the possibilities are practically endless!

Carmel Spring’s Custom-Coloured Basins are in the muted and sophisticated style of The Basin Lab’s Powder Collection. It features their classic Stone Coloured Basin in the Master bathrooms and selected custom shades—Ghost Blue and Misty Mint—in the other four standard bathrooms.

These villas are steeped in craftsmanship, design and aesthetics. They ooze the contemporary design synonymous with Palm Springs, and the addition of The Basin Lab’s custom-illuminated Basins only elevates the space further.

Carmel Springs is a project that values finishes, functionality, and flair. As Nathalie Hailey states, “We wanted each villa to feel customised, special and unique.” Something The Basin Lab was more than capable of delivering.

Ghost Blue – Custom Powder Collection
Stone – Standard Powder Collection
The Basin Lab’s Founder And Creative Director Steve Nicholls with the Misty Mint Basin – Custom Powder Collection

Carmel Springs Development Gold Coast photos by Natalia Vidovic – Bathroom Space Underwood

Why The basin Lab?

The Basin Lab captivates with its sheer beauty and highly expressive nature. Their bathware can seamlessly blend in with any interior while still being an eye-catching piece. 

They tick all the boxes for sustainabilitydurability and low maintenance. Their handcrafted Basins are of the highest quality, with distinctive personalised colours to enhance the alluring charm of any bathroom. Paired with the Basins iLLUMi Lightbox, it transforms your space into a sanctuary of tranquillity, setting an ambient mood like no other!

How To Get Your Own Custom Basin!

Want your bathroom to stand out from the norm? You can order your own personalised Basin, with a colour unique to you!

Visit Custom Colouring to find out how to order one.