iLLUMiTM Lightbox

Material data and spec sheet


The ILLUMITM system is 24 Volts (Low Voltage) you simply plug it into an existing 240 Volt power point inside your Vanity, or have your electrician fit a power point for you and wire it to a light switch, allowing operation from the switch.

Motion Sensor

You also have the option of having your electrician install a Movement Sensor
into the light switch allowing the basin to turn on and off with
movement, essentially turning your basin into a night light, we
recommend CABAC – HNS050MD – MOTION DETECTOR, this sensor must be used with one of these switches,

HNS410TM  Minute Timer 2-wire

HNS420TM  Hourly Timer 2-wire

HNS440TM  Minute Timer 3-Wire                                        

HNS450TM  Hourly Timer 3-Wire


Always ask your electrician for their opinion.

Installation Instructions

  1. Have you bench top cut out to fit the ILLUMITM Lightbox, we recommend a 335mm diameter hole with a minimum bench top thickness of 20mm. (If your bench top is thinner than 20mm please let us know, we can adjust the lightbox to fit any thickness)
  2. Remove the brown protection paper covering the top and bottom surface of the light box.
  3. We recommend the electrical wire protruding from the light box be placed at the back so as not to interfere with drawers or doors.
  4. Remove the protection paper on the Double-sided tape around the black rim of the Lightbox; between the spaces of double sided tape squeeze a small 10mm dollop of silicone onto the black outside lip of the light box, from inside the vanity or from under the bench top push the light box up into the cut-out hole, the double-sided tape will hold the light box in place until the silicone cures, we recommend propping the light box during the cure process.
  5. Once the Silicone has cured, place your basin in position, making sure the basin is supported by the bench top.
  6. From inside your basin, silicone and fit the waste (we recommend a 40mm pop up waste) into the basin outlet hole, from underneath fit the 50mm PVC sleeve over the 40mm waste threaded neck, slide up inside the Light Box internal hole to the bottom of the basin, fit waste nut and tighten up against the 50mm PVC sleeve, screw up to required tightness, clean any excess silicone with soapy water and an ice block stick, fit trap.
  7. Silicone around your basin.